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P.S. You Should Know... | Issue #136

👋 Welcome back to P.S. You Should Know… probably the best newsletter published on Sundays between 6-7
November 3 · Issue #136 · View online
P.S. You Should Know...
👋 Welcome back to P.S. You Should Know… probably the best newsletter published on Sundays between 6-7am CST, and definitely the best one published by me. Now in its third year!

my story 🚀
👉 I wrote something new: Highlights from Mary Meeker’s 2019 Report
🏢 Meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends often leads to the same question: “What do you do?” For a while, it’s been hard for me to answer that simply. I also don’t expect it to get any easier to describe how I spend my time, so I decided to update my homepage with more detail. This still doesn’t totally capture it, but it’s a start. Do you have a similar page summarizing what you’re up to? Send it my way - I’d love to see it!
fun facts 🙌
The world’s oldest hotel. It’s been in operation since the year 705 by the same family for 52 generations. | learn more
Your pay as an operating professional in private equity. “Here’s how much consultants get when they go to work for PE funds.” | learn more
Extreme names for your kids. Do you recall last year’s pop news featuring a child named Abcde (a bold parenting choice)? If you enjoyed that, you’ll love this short video. | learn more
oh, chicago 🏆
Overdue books come home. “Chicago Public Library says 240% increase in book returns since Lightfoot eliminated fines…” | learn more
How 5 major issues were resolved to end teacher strike. “It’s clear that Chicago teachers are walking away with more than they had before the strike. But the city also ended the impasse having met its goal of limiting new spending to $500 million or less each year.” | learn more
tech, startups, internet ⚡
Questions VCs may ask you. Elizabeth Yin, General Partner at Hustle Fund, put together a list of questions you should be prepared to answer if pitching early stage venture investors. | learn more
U.S. micro-VC firms, 2019 edition. With 905 names, this list is pretty close to comprehensive. Criteria are $100MM funds or smaller and at least a first close on a fund. Go straight to the list on airtable here. | learn more
Returns to angel investing. Venture investor Jeff Carter tries to clear up the mistaken impression that “all the returns are blow out.” The post contains interesting data and references some studies. | learn more
better doing 🎯
Daniel Kahneman: Putting your intuition on ice. The Nobel laureate spoke with Shane Parish (Farnam Street) and the conversation is juicy. One idea came through loud and clear: the master of behavioral economics thinks changing behavior is a long shot because avoiding cognitive biases is really really hard. | learn more
Which way do you run? A new post by Ben Horowitz of a16z. I love that he always starts his posts with rap lyrics. “The key differentiator between effective and ineffective CEOs is whether they run toward or away from major problems and challenges in the company.” | learn more
retail therapy 💸
Goldman Sachs tries retail banking. It hasn’t been a tremendous win quite yet… “With its core businesses on the wane, Goldman has staked its future on consumer banking. So far it has lost $1.3 billion—and its makeover is challenging the firm’s identity as a titan of high finance.” | learn more
under the microscope 🔬
How the coming genetics revolution will play out. “Humanity is poised to take a huge leap forward, as a convergence of next-gen technologies combine to give us unprecedented power over our own biology. Here’s a roadmap to the key technologies and how it’s going to play out in the coming decades.” | learn more
thoughts of food 🍔
Whole Foods 10 food trends for 2020. “From alternate nut butters to West African flavors to fancy nonalcoholic drinks, here’s what you can expect to see on shelves next year.” | learn more
Why isn’t there a diet that works for everyone? “Obesity is a population-size crisis in Western countries — but it’s a problem that may resist population-wide solutions.” | learn more
on the blockchain ⛓
Current market overview of digital assets. This is written for an audience of Family Office and Institutional investors. I think it’s pretty good. | learn more
Fire before growth: the likely fate of Ethereum killers. This is written by crypto investor Chris Burniske of Placeholder. “In the coming quarters, a high density of “Ethereum Killers” (EKs) plan to launch their mainnets, and in so doing, release their assets to the public crypto markets. The transition of price discovery from the private to public markets will be an important one to watch and understand, especially considering many EKs carry billion-dollar anticipated launch values.” | learn more
the end ✅
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