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P.S. You Should Know... | Issue #242

November 14 · Issue #242 · View online
P.S. You Should Know...
👋 Welcome back to P.S. You Should Know… probably the best newsletter published on Sundays between 6-7am CST, and definitely the best one published by me. Now in its fifth year!

my story 🚀
Happy 2nd birthday Unicorn Daphne!
Happy 2nd birthday Unicorn Daphne!
fun facts 🙌
Simple sabotage field manual. “The contents of this Manual should be carefully controlled and should not be allowed to come into unauthorized hands.” Now declassified! | learn more
Johnson & Johnson and the Texas Two-Step. “The Texas Two-Step is a way of describing when a company with a f*ck ton of potential tort liabilities…” uses obscure Texas corporate law to limit that liability in bankruptcy court. One more quote: “If that sounds shady as f*ck to you … well … you’re not wrong.” | learn more
Introducing the Icelandverse…
oh, austin 🤠
Music venue drama. It’s nice to know that even if I move 1,000 miles away from Wicker Park, there’s a dispute between a music venue and its landlord to remind me of home. | learn more
tech, startups, internet ⚡
Starship is still not understood. SpaceX’s latest and biggest rocket, “is intended to enable a conveyor belt logistical capacity to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) comparable to the Berlin Airlift.” This (long) post by Casey Handmer makes the case that the rest of the space industry doesn’t gasp the impact of Starship because they’re still designing projects based on constraints that won’t exist in the future Starship world. | learn more
Microsoft and the metaverse. Ben Thompson from Stratechery thinks the metaverse is already here in the form of the internet. Its next iteration will primarily serve workers, not consumers. “This means that the company that is, in my opinion, the most well-placed to capitalize on the Metaverse opportunity is Microsoft.” | learn more
Nubank: finding brilliance in brokenness. I started this article totally ignorant of Nubank, the largest digital bank in the world. I am really glad to have read this story! | learn more
better doing 🎯
Wealthstack. Chase Ross Emanuel shares a list of the tools and services he uses to invest. This is a very fascinating reflection of the age we live in. Those of my generation and younger are not likely to just have a single brokerage account—not even if it’s with Robinhood. | learn more
Your big idea. “No one is going to steal it. Not if it’s actually a big idea.” | learn more
to your health ⚕
The economics of medical procedure innovation. “Using a proprietary dataset on billing code applications for emerging medical procedures, we highlight two mechanisms that could hinder innovation.” | learn more
What happens at an LA wellness retreat? “If an alien visitor arrived in modern-day Los Angeles, they might reasonably conclude that the city’s dominant religion is wellness.” | learn more
under the microscope 🔬
Next-gen Covid-19 vaccines may also target the common cold. Researchers found a cohort of healthcare workers who seemed strangely immune to Covid-19 infections despite high levels of exposure. Thinking the immunity came from other recent coronavirus infections, they found evidence of exactly that. “Mali Maini, senior author on the new study, says a vaccine inducing T-cells to target these replication proteins may offer protection against all current coronaviruses, including those that cause the common cold.” | learn more
Anti-aging research uncovers new role for telomeres. “What’s most surprising is that, before really entering senescence, the cells divide one last time,” says Francis Rodier, corresponding author of the study. “In fact, the cell division caused by telomere dysfunction is so unstable that it ends up creating genetic defects. Contrary to what was believed, senescent cells have an abnormal genome. That’s what we show in our study.” | learn more
thoughts of food 🍔
The dangers of eating pears, according to a 12th-century writer. “Pears have been a popular fruit since ancient times, but the medieval scholar Alexander Neckam raised some warnings about the eating this food (especially without wine).” | learn more
big ideas 📚
Secrets of the great families. How come some families are so extremely impressive? “Aldous Huxley was an author most famous for Brave New World, though his other stuff is also great and underappreciated. His brother Julian Huxley founded UNESCO and the World Wildlife Fund, was secretary of the Zoological Society of London and president of the British Eugenics Society, and coined the terms "ethnic group”, “cline”, and “transhumanism”. Their half-brother Andrew Huxley won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering how nerves work. Their grandfather was Thomas Huxley, one of the first and greatest advocates of evolution, and President of the Royal Society.“ | learn more
Climate activism via blockchain. A Digital Autonomous Organization (DAO) has acquired $100 million worth of carbon offset credits. “The core team told Cointelegraph that it intends to put upward pressure on the price of carbon offsets “so that it becomes more profitable to engage in offset-generating activities, such as conserving land for carbon sequestration, or restoring forests and wetlands.” | learn more
on the blockchain ⛓
DePonzi. “I’ve been looking at an overwhelming flood of DeFi deals in the last 6 months. And I’ve come to the conclusion that the vast majority of these companies are playing a part (whether intentionally or not) in creating a decentralized Ponzi scheme.” | learn more
Computers that can make commitments. Chris Dixon thinks of blockchains this way. “Traditional computers are ultimately controlled by people, either directly in the case of personal computers or indirectly through organizations. Blockchains invert this power relationship, putting the code in charge.” | learn more
calls to action 👇
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