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P.S. You Should Know... | Issue #257

February 27 · Issue #257 · View online
P.S. You Should Know...
👋 Welcome back to P.S. You Should Know… probably the best newsletter published on Sundays between 6-7am CST, and definitely the best one published by me. Now in its fifth year!

my story 🚀
No story this week. Our family’s thoughts are with the people of Ukraine.
fun facts 🙌
The rare gift of seeing extra colors. I’m a bit colorblind, so am especially interested to learn about this set of people with extra color perception. “Research on colorblindness has led to a new understanding of tetrachromacy, an inherited ability to perceive subtle shades.” | learn more
Eat dessert with your favorite president. Did you know Abe Lincoln’s favorite dessert was lemon custard pie? FDR loved blueberry pudding cake. Check out 10 presidential dessert favorites with ingredients and dietitian commentary. | learn more
Why are so many writers in Brooklyn, and is it a problem? “The problem isn’t that writing generates status, but rather that this status is grossly out of proportion to the wages they are earning in the market. Amongst other problems, this selects for people who value status over wages (often because they are independently financially secure).” | learn more
oh, chicago 🏆
2022 could be a banner year for aldermanic convictions. “Since 1969, 37 aldermen have been convicted of a crime. More await trial. But Bill Cameron, who covered City Hall for 50 years, says "we catch only about 3 or 5% of the bad guys.” | learn more
Plum Market forced out of space to make way for Dom’s. “The owner of Plum Market, an independent grocery store along Wells Street in Old Town, claims the business is being pushed out of the neighborhood after a “back-door agreement” was made between its landlord and incoming grocery store Dom’s Kitchen & Market.” | learn more
tech, startups, internet ⚡
The charge to keep EV batteries out of the trash. Much of the world hasn’t woken up to the supply-demand imbalance of battery metals like lithium. Once we do, we’ll next open our eyes to the critical need for battery recycling. “As electric vehicles grow in popularity, there’s a related challenge on the horizon: how to dispose of worn-out EV batteries.” | learn more
What it’ll take to get electric planes off the ground. “The lithium-ion battery is good for moving cars short distances, but aviation requires longer-lasting power. Maybe we need to try other elements.” Improved battery tech will be the tide that lifts all (air)ships! I’ll take this moment to plug electric plane startup Talyn, which makes do with today’s battery technology for 350 miles of high speed range! | learn more
better doing 🎯
Practice your coping mechanisms now. “Happiness tends to decline throughout young adulthood and middle age, bottoming out at about age 50. After that, it heads back up again into one’s mid-60s. Then something strange happens. Older people split into two groups as they get old: those getting much happier, and those getting much unhappier.” | learn more
to your health ⚕
What’s the deal with cryotherapy? The content team at NutriSense grabbing my attention once again! “A sudden obsession with a particularly odd-sounding treatment is sweeping the alternative therapy world, and it involves exposing your body to extremely cold temperatures.” | learn more
retail therapy 💸
San Francisco shoplifting: a contrarian analysis. If you’ve ever expressed a casual opinion on this topic (as I have), you’ll want to read this before bringing it up again. “Some people argue that shoplifters in San Francisco are running rampant. I don’t think this is true. Instead of a proper introduction, let’s just refute with the strongest arguments off the bat.” | learn more
under the microscope 🔬
Mental speed is high until age 60. “Our results indicate that response time slowing begins as early as age 20, but this slowing was attributable to increases in decision caution and to slower non-decisional processes, rather than to differences in mental speed.” | learn more
thoughts of food 🍔
China’s approval of gene-edited crops energizes researchers. There are a lot of people to feed in China, so it’s probably a good thing that their new rules are less strict than the EU’s policy of Just Say No to GMOs. “Scientists say newly published guidelines will spur research into crops that have increased yields and greater resilience to climate change.” | learn more
big ideas 📚
The urine revolution: how recycling pee could help to save the world. “Separating urine from the rest of sewage could mitigate some difficult environmental problems, but there are big obstacles to radically re-engineering one of the most basic aspects of life.” | learn more
on the blockchain ⛓
Reporter can finally buy crypto after leaving NYT. A thread by Nathaniel Popper: “One fringe benefit of leaving the NYT is that I have been able to play around w/ owning and trading crypto for the first time.  I’ve still got plenty of unanswered questions, but the big thing I hadn’t anticipated was just how compelling and fun NFTs would be.” | learn more
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